This is a neighborhood blog for the Washington Heights Tract.  The Washington Heights Tract of Echo Park is organizing NOW to help improve the neighborhood, and to stop the irresponsible development of Echo Park. The goal is to spread awareness through direct outreach about community issues and upcoming development plans that could affect YOU as an Echo Park resident.

If you live in the Washington Heights area and you’d like to post on this blog about resident concerns or interests email echoparklife@gmail.com.

All neighborhoods of Echo Park are welcome to get involved here to spearhead awareness and change on your own block. We’re happy to work with you to help organize your neighborhood to get involved in Echo Park community issues.

*Note: This blog is under construction and there are no comments being accepted at this time.



1.  How do I know what tract I live in?

According to the LA Assessors Office, each neighborhood within the area is divided into a “tract” so if you’d like to find out which tract you live in, go to the LA Assessors website and enter your address.  (Free!)

After you enter your address and your info appears, click on the box that says “Click Here To View Index Map” and you will see the map of the area like the one here with the tract names for your area.



(Note: LJ Girvin District  is the same as Washington Heights Tract)

Double click this photo

2.  Is this neighborhood organization anti-development?

We are pro responsible development that is sensitive to Echo Park’s architecture, history, and residents who live in the neighborhood.

3. I like to leave nasty comments on blogs to make myself and my friends laugh but I don’t have time to get involved with Echo Park community groups or go to meetings.  What should I do?

Start your own blog. Ignore us. We have nothing for you here. 🙂


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