URGENT – ACTION NEEDED by September 1, 2010

More out of character development in Echo Park.

A real estate developer wants to pack massive work/live lofts onto a small lot located at the corner of Avalon St. and Echo Park Ave. — the project is totally out of scale with the historic nature and character of this part of Echo Park and not in keeping with the intent of the Echo Park Community Plan.

Nearby residents just learned of this project last week! We have a small window of time to block the City from granting the developer’s zoning request, and we will be successful if Echo Park residents voice their opposition to this project.

The developer is asking the City of LA to sub-divide a commercially zoned lot at the corner of Avalon St. and Echo Park Ave. to shoe-horn in 8 single-family “work/live lofts”. Towering over the rest of the neighborhood, the lofts will be built to the maximum allowable height – 4+ STORIES (45 feet) taking up the entire lots of 1910 N. Echo Park Ave. and 1615 W. Avalon St., leaving no open space, building to the property lines.

Plans show that 8 new two-car garages (with stack parking) will line Avalon St., requiring drivers to back out into the street, crossing over the sidewalk, while looking out for traffic coming in three directions, right at the busy corner of Echo Park Ave.

Avalon Street is used as a thoroughfare for residents of surrounding streets, and families with children walking to our many neighboring schools and day care centers. This proposed development is unsafe as currently planned. Residents surrounding the vacant lot are not against development, just the large inappropriate development currently proposed. Please help protect the character and safety of our Echo Park neighborhood. A quick call can make a big difference!

ACT NOW – by SEPTEMBER 1st the City will be making their decision on whether to issue change the zoning of this lot. Contact Councilman Eric Garcetti (323-957-4500) 


There are more reasons to oppose this project. Please email avalon.echopark@… to get more information.


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