Direct Plea For Help & Community Support

Our names are Kevin Gray and Lynnae Hitchcock.  Our address is 1619 West Avalon Street, directly next to the planned development  at 1615 West Avalon Street and 1901 North Echo Park Avenue.

This development will contain eight single family residences.  I attended the public hearing this morning.  If the city approves this project, we have more congestion, less parking, and a relatively large three story building to look forward to.  From what I understand, because this lot is zoned as commercial, he can build right up to the sidewalk and my property line.  Cramming eight single family residences on Avalon Street will almost double the already existing number of single family residences on our block.  We already have an eyesore that doesn’t seem to be going away further down Echo Park Avenue close to the coffee shop.
The developer, Jeremy Paige, made an attempt to come across as someone who cares about the community. This certainly is not the case because neighbors and myself, on several occasions, have assumed responsibility for the upkeep in front of his property.  The intent behind feeling like you can build a 45 feet high or three story building next to an 800 square foot single level house speaks for itself.
In two weeks, the city will more than likely approve the project as is because Mr. Paige is working within the commercial zoning guidelines. My wife and I are asking the community to get together and please appeal the development.  If you have any questions regarding the meeting or development beyond what I have included, please contact Sarah Molina-Pearson at The Department of City Planning.  213-473-9983

If you want to be added to an appeal list that I’m organizing, please email me at with your name, address, phone number and email information.

Thank you for reading this.
Lynnae and Kevin

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