Money Talks In Echo Park

Newsflash! If you live in Echo Park, developers have a loud and clear message to tell you:  we can build whatever we want.

At the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council meeting tonight, one representative hired by the developers stood up to express one loud and clear message to residents of the neighborhood, “We can build anything we want here, and we don’t have to ask for your permission or get any kind of neighborhood approval to do it.”

This representatives warning to the room was interrupted by loud opposition as the neighborhood residents rose up in angry protest.  One resident replied back to the development representative, “That just sounds like some corporate BS!” While another resident asked, “That is the wrong thing to come into Echo park and say.”

But was it? Is it the truth? Does what the residents of Echo Park want really matter to the city of Los Angeles, the city planning commission,  and to the developers?

Are you curious who the developers are and what they are doing?  SEE

So now those that attended the meeting are left with a lot of questions:  Why are the developers really coming to the meetings and what can the residents of the Echo Park neighborhood that surround this developers dream expect to actually accomplish with their complaints and protests?  Can they stop the apartment building from getting made? Can they stop the 6 houses currently on this property from being destroyed?  Can residents of Echo Park convince the developers to design more parking spaces in their development?  Can the residents of Echo Park have an influence on this project or any other development project?  Can they limit the number of apartments being built? Can they stop a 5 story apartment building from being built? Is there a compromise to be had or is it a cold, cruel fact, that developers can “develop” the city of Los Angeles in whatever way they like?

Some residents left the meeting with more questions than answers.


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