5 Story Building Proposed For Sunset/ Elsinore


Did you see this article in the LA Weekly?  Residents from the Echo Park Washington Heights Tract (Sunset/ Alvarado) turned up in force to face the architect and developers to protest the proposed 5 story, 64 unit apartment building developers are trying to build on Sunset Blvd that stretches into the residential neighborhood behind it all the way to Elsinore Street.

We need you!  We are asking for more neighborhood support from those that live in the Silverlake/ Echo Park neighborhood and don’t want to see this neighborhood destroyed.

The article has one thing incorrect. This development would not only destroy one house, it will:

– Destroy the brick commercial storefronts on Sunset (currently painted green and stuccoed and in need of rehab)

– Carve out and dig into the hillside

– Demolish 6 turn of the century homes that are currently affordable rentals

– Kill all of the vegetation and trees on the hill all the way to the street behind Sunset (Elsinore Street.)

– Dwarf the area by building the tallest building in the neighborhood (proposed 5 story)

– Increase traffic and parking problems, making Elsinore Street become the alleyway for all the people moving into these 64 units of apartments

– If we let this happen in this neighborhood, your neighborhood could be next.

Is this what Echo Park wants to look like?

Proposed Design of site on Sunset Boulevard

Many of the neighbors in this area have lived there for more than 30 years and feel helpless and even a bit frightened to speak out.

Some residents who have been working to clean up the neighborhood trash, crime, and tagging while rehabbing and restoring their turn of the century homes are distraught.  “I live in a turn of the century home and feel like the Jetsons have landed,” said one long-term resident who would only give her first name, Julie. “I’ve got a home that could be made into a historical landmark. It’s heartbreaking.”– LA Weekly

We urge you to get involved. Come to the meeting on August 18, 2010 listed in the EVENTS section and see what you can do to stop this.

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