Do You Live Near Sunset Blvd/ Alvarado/ Mohawk?

Do you like the freedom of parking on the street in front of your own house/ apartment/ condo in Echo Park?  That could all change very quickly if you live in the Sunset Blvd/ Alvarado/ Mohawk neighborhood and you only have until August 21st, 2010 to make your written complaints.

Developers are taking over the old Ramona movie theater at 2139 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90026 (Echo Park/ Silverlake area) with plans to convert it into a restaurant serving alcohol from 11am-2am . At first sight this may sound like a good idea, but there are several issues that the developers haven’t considered:

1. The new development has a capacity of over 200 with planned operation hours of 11am to 2am, 7 days a week and they have only allotted a mere 30 paid valet parking spaces. (NOTE: Now almost 80 paid valet parking spots are being provided but still no employee parking.) This leaves 100’s of customers as well as the employees with nowhere to park…except on the neighborhood residential streets. That means your parking spot if you don’t have a garage. That means 100’s of  cars coming and going as the tables turn over. All day. All night.

2. The developers have also applied for an alcohol license which will not only mean hundreds of additional cars and people roaming your neighborhood, but many of these people will be drinking.

3. A high concentration of onsite alcohol sales with little or no increase in infrastructure (police, parking, etc.) is a stress on the residential neighborhood surrounding this area.

4. The cumulative impact of a business of this large size in addition to the proposed 64 unit apartment building a few doors down will be a strain on traffic and parking in the residential neighborhoods surrounding this area.  NOTE: Most of these homes and apartments do not have a garage and street parking is their only option.

5. This business is in very close proximity to the new school, a library, and a church.  There are many kids who walk around this neighborhood and will be walking to and from school while this business plans to be serving alcohol.

So how did a place with plans to serve alcohol to such an enormous group of customers all day and night, 7 days a week without any other free parking options but the surrounding residential neighborhood streets get this far?  Nobody protested.

The Echo Park neighborhood surrounding this area is organizing NOW to voice their complaints and make their written protests to the Alcohol Beverage Commission (ABC) and also to Eric Garcetti’s office. The goal here is to stop the liquor license or at the very least limit the hours of alcohol service. We feel the developers have been irresponsible with their lack of consideration for the negative affects their business will have on the surrounding residents and we need everyone to get involved who feels this will affect them in a negative way.

All complaints must be received by the ABC in their offices by August 21st, 2010.
Email for more information on how you can send in your written protest.

If you feel this issue doesn’t pertain to you and it isn’t near your house and so maybe you feel it isn’t your problem? We are asking that you please consider those that do live in the effected areas of Echo Park around this location because the next development could be close to YOU. We are asking for the support of the entire community of Echo Park to oppose inappropriate outside development that hasn’t considered the community. If we work together on these issues as a community we can attract development that makes sense for ALL residents. That way everybody wins.


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